Labryrinth as a Spiritual Path

November 13, 2019 @ 1:30PM — 4:30PM

Well Wednesday

Labryrinth as a Spiritual Path image

There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.


Walking the labyrinth offers an experience of the whole body at prayer which can deepen one's connection with God.

Well of Mercy's labyrinth is a seven-circuit labyrinth, similar to the one on the floor of Chartes Cathedral in France, which dates back to the 13th century. Situated outdoors, it's perched atop the the hill overlooking the Well House. Over 3,000 bricks and 3 tons of sand were used in the construction of this unique labyrinth. A meditation gazebo is situated nearby.

The labyrinth is an ancient tool, a meandering but purposeful path leading to a center and then out again. An increasing number of individuals and groups are discovering the value of the labyrinth as a spiritual practice. The sacred path, symbolic of life's journey is meant to give those using it a chance to pray, meditate and seek wholeness. The labyrinth holds transformative potential for those open to embarking on the journey.

This Well Wednesday will provide a brief overview of the labyrinth. Time will be provided for silence, solitude and communal labyrinth walk.

We understand that things may come up in your busy life that prevent you from being able to attend as planned. We regret that reservations are non-refundable for day workshops. In these cases, we will consider your payment a donation to our on-going ministry. You may sell or gift to a friend.

God ahead, God behind.

God be on the path I wind.

God above, God below

God be everywhere I go.

-Celtic Prayer